Saturday, March 19, 2011

I hate math

Chase just charged me a $12 "service fee," and I'll give you a buffalo nickel if you can tell me why.1

Here's my history with Chase: I fell in love with online banking because of Chase's user-friendly site. In five years I've never had a problem. Since the CARD Act, I've had 3 unexplained fees in 3 months, two of which were reversed when I called (one because it was completely and utterly bogus, the other because they felt so bad about the bogus charge), and one that I'll call about when they open (because it's 3:30 AM).

It may be petty, but I so desperately want to punish them by taking all my business elsewhere. It's not like I'm lacking options. Banks are, to use an expression that doesn't apply particularly well here, a dime a dozen.

Why don't I do it? In five years, I've earned $700 of cash rewards from my Chase credit card.

I hate math.

1 No, I won't.