Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's been such a long time since I was inspired to write. Not that I am now; I just have the time. FINALLY.

The last month and a half of my life has been so overwhelmingly consumed with work that I've somewhat forgotten how to relax. Having a laptop awake if I am has become part of my routine1, to the extent that I can't pull myself away long enough read an actual paper book. Or a digital one.

Even when I exercise, it's to an exercise video from Netflix (who has a halfway decent selection for someone who just wants to tone). Staring at bright screens is giving me regular headaches. Tylenol and I have become friends.

When I was a kid, using the computer was a privilege. Also, the Cubs didn't play every summer afternoon, so I had to come up with a lot of alternative entertainment (to be read "normal-person entertainment"). This included using my imagination, riding my bike, climbing a tree (I was like a monkey), playing catch, or throwing a tennis ball at the side of our house in the name of "pitching practice."

We were brought up to use our free time in good wholesome activities. Our family would take regular trips to the library, and we'd devour those books. We probably even went back three times in a week. My books of choice were Matt Christopher youth sports novels and riddle books. (Where else do you think I get my love of bad, bad puns? Oh yeah; my dad.)

Now that you're old and decrepit, how do you unplug?

1 Addiction, anyone?


  1. Well, speaking from a slightly younger version of decrepit I have to say I still enjoy what I did at the age of eight, getting lost in a book. While I spent the majority of college reading analytical thoughts and well-formed arguments, you cannot lose yourself in logic (only validate). So I prefer fictional readings, lately I've loved getting lost in "The Hunger Games" and "City of Bones", but I find that I read too quickly through them and I am once again sent on a quest for new books to lose myself in. So when that happens I blast the music and dance around the house with my kids. Not as peaceful as reading, but you burn a lot more calories : )

  2. reading, cooking, out with friends. I'm four books into the new children's series 39 clues and it's really fun.