Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Then again, maybe not

Bill Clinton's second inaugural address is my Hulu queue's Schindler's List; I should want to watch it, but instead it's been gathering dust in this virtual "To-Do" list for more than two years.

My Netflix queue isn't much better1: I have 130 TV shows/videos in my queue, including 35 videos that I apparently believe I'm going to watch again someday (I own some on DVD!), and 20 documentaries and PBS specials that will never see the whites of my eyes2. Over the last four months, I added items #94 through #130 to that list, during which time I haven't even had an active Netflix subscription!

What's my point?

I don't care enough about these movies and shows to pay for and watch them, but I panic at the thought of removing them from a list3. Somewhere, portions of my brain aren't speaking to each other.

This year, I resolved to remove unnecessary things from lists4. This meant video queues, To-Do lists at work, and my Google Reader feed. A mere two weeks into the year, I had already unsubscribed from a few blogs that I should care about (The Happiness Project, Political Calculations, Freakonomics), but that post so often that they cost more time than they're worth. And I winnowed down my work To-Do lists … by getting everything done.

My To-Do lists are shorter now. I still add a lot of things to them, but then I realize what I've done and fix it. It makes me feel more productive.

In the time I've spent writing this blog post, I could have watched that inaugural address. Hmmm. To make up for it, I think I'll add this blog post to my To-Do's, just so I can check it off.

1 But, hey, it doesn't include Schindler's List!
2 And if they could, I'd fire immediately, terrified at the thought of a TV show that is watching me.
3 I clearly need therapy, but I don't care enough to pay for that, either.
4 It was my only resolution this year. I hope I don't have to explain why.


  1. LOL, just read it, that's what I do with the state of the union, you can skip all those minutes of clapping.

  2. Regarding adding things to your checklist that you're already doing, I do that.