Friday, September 25, 2009

Fashion $ense

I've read a lot of blogs recently. I especially like the ones that talk about money. Sadly, far too few of them talk about giving their money to me.

Today, I read one that presented clothing purchasing in a brand new (well, actually "refurbished") light to me.

I'm going to paraphrase, because I'm not a fan of atrocious grammar. And I'll elaborate, because I think I'm funny.

If I buy a shirt for $50, and I wear it 150 times before declaring it pajamas, it costs me 33.33 repeating cents per non-pajama wearing. If I buy an average shirt on sale for $8 and wear it twice before I realize that I'm not an autumn, and red simply isn't my (or anybody else's in Austin during football season) color, and I'll get beat up if I try wearing it in public (especially to my old junior high, 'cause, dang, kids can be cruel), then it costs me $4 per wearing.

The moral of this story is to buy expensive things.

P.S. Attribution? I found it at this site, and searched for "sale".


  1. So, I buy a shirt for $5 at DI (I shop DI whenever I visit Utah; I find Logan's DI to have better variety than Houston or CA thrift stores). While at DI I also get a pair of pants (Total: $10).

    I wear them for 3 years, probably at least once or twice a week. We'll say once a week to make the math easier. That cost me 6 cents per wearing; 3 cents per item of clothing. At twice a week, they cost me 1.5 cents a wearing each. So why buy an expensive shirt?

    And lets even say I got a 2nd shirt at DI for $5, but decided within 6 months and 15 wearings (didn't wear it every week because it didn't fit/look right on me) that it wasn't gonna work between us. I still only spent, what, about 30 cents a wearing? Still a little less than your $50 dollar shirt. : )

    Ooh, ooh, even better--Shelly got me hooked on Freecycle. Let's say I get a bag of lady's clothes, passed on for free, but I can really only wear 2 of the shirts, and one pair of pants, and put the rest of the bag up for freecycle again or donate to local charity. I really like the two shirts I got, and the pants fit ok enough that I wear them for a good year or so. The cost to me? Free per wearing. : ) Even better!

    I could totally get into this. Forget expensive shirts, I can figure out how cheap I really am!

  2. Kim, let me know when you figure out how to make people pay you to let them give you clothes (other than by wearing a Haz-Mat suit and spraying their new outfit with ebola, 'cuz that bad boy works like a charm). Free and cheap clothes available in my city tend to not fit a slender man with 44 inch sleeves.

    You know, it didn't even occur to me to mention that I've never paid $50 for a shirt. Or over $49. Or even over $48.

    I know, you're impressed.