Saturday, September 15, 2012

It tastes like purple

I prefer married life, on the whole, over single life. There are aspects of single life that I miss (I used to do things with my other friends), and you won't hear me extolling the joys of parenthood while spending an hour getting my son back to sleep at 3AM, but I wouldn't go back.

Think of my life as a puzzle1. The things that made single life good were lots of little puzzle pieces, and they were mostly in place, but they left gaps. My marriage is one large piece, and it displaced many of those little pieces, but left far fewer gaps overall. I like this better.

One of the joys of our particular marriage proceeds from our differences. Specifically, my wife hates anything artificially grape flavored, whereas I think it's the greatest thing since banana Laffy Taffy2. This means that anytime I see a grape Welch's fruit snack sitting on top of an otherwise consumed bag3, I can eat it merrily and without repercussions4.

Married life is good.

1 I know my wife does.
2 She says my cheap tastes make me more loveable.
3 She says this phrasing makes her sound like a goat. It was badly worded, but there's no way I'm changing it now.
4 Calories don't count when it came from my wife's bag of fruit snacks.

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